Something for “Nothing”

I’m sure anyone reading this has heard about Nine Inch Nails’ new release, Ghosts, which is at least partially available for free, released under a Creative Commons license. Regardless of what you think of his music, you have to congratulate Trent Reznor for being one of the few mainstream artists in music today who understands the digital music. This isn’t his first experiment with distribution methods of this kind, having released isolated tracks for previous albums for remixers, and even admitting to be a part of the late great music tracker, OiNK.

Of course, giving away music for free online is nothing new to independent and unsigned artists. Many unsigned artists used Jukebox to share the music they themselves wrote on their Facebook profile, and even some independent artists on major labels used Jukebox for their own personal profile. One recent release I’d like to draw your attention to comes from the Boston sludge band Disappearer. You can get their new EP here. Even if you don’t think you’d like this kind of music, allow me to suggest you give this a download. Artists like this need exposure, and after all, it costs you “nothing”, only a little bit of your listening time.

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